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"Le degré de la lenteur est directement proportionnel

à l'intensité de la mémoire ; le degré de la vitesse

est directement proportionnel à l'intensité de l'oubli."

Milan Kundera, La lenteur. 

Textile is a place surrounded by a lot of metaphors, charge with a lot of semantic symbols that dialogues with an imaginary collective consciousness. Its status constantly revolves around art, craftwork and industry. According to this insight my artistic approach takes place. I embroider and weave, images and objects, ideas and forms, of the materiality which escape from us when the things become a matter of memory. Experiences immortalized in a moldable fragment of reality embroidered to the rhythm of repetitive gestures. In contrast to the speed of the machines that mark the lifestyle of the workers in some of the images that you can see in my creations. The coming and going of the needles, the hours of work materialized by the weaving of the same tool. In my work, everything is material, palpable, present, everything becomes real, a testimony to the passing of time.

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